Elon Musk calls transit expert an ‘idiot,’ and then the ‘idiot’ fires back We all have our buttons, and Elon Musk clearly got his pushed earlier this week after a Wired story revealed his serious distaste for public transportation.
A serious, and perhaps irrational, distaste.
“It’s a pain in the ass,” the Tesla TSLA, +1.65% boss and Boring Co. visionary said at a recent event. “That’s why everyone doesn’t like it. And there’s like a bunch of random strangers, one of who might be a serial killer, OK, great. And so that’s why people like individualized transport, that goes where you want, when you want.”
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Transit expert Jarrett Walker took to Twitter to explain why Musk’s vision of a personalized pod speeding through the city’s underbelly may make sense in the gilded fantasies of the 1%, but not in the real world.
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10 financial lessons you can learn from holiday movies Millions of Americans tuning into holiday movies won’t just be getting a dose of holiday cheer.
Holiday films have become something of a juggernaut for television networks. Last year, 110 million viewers tuned in to the Christmas content featured on The Hallmark Channel and its sister network Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. On The Hallmark Channel, the number of viewers who watched the “Countdown to Christmas” movie line-up rose 22%. And this year, the network, which is otherwise perhaps best known for its syndicated reruns of sitcoms like “The Golden Girls” and “I Love Lucy,” attracted 3.4 million viewers for its kick-off holiday movie event back in October.
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