The Wall Street Journal: Trump’s CIA pick, Gina Haspel, faces questions o…

The Wall Street Journal: Trump’s CIA pick, Gina Haspel, faces questions o…

Trump’s CIA pick, Gina Haspel, faces questions on interrogations

Gina Haspel began at the CIA in 1985 and held senior assignments in the agency’s clandestine-operations division

President Donald Trump’s pick to run the Central Intelligence Agency, an intelligence veteran with three decades of experience, faced fresh questions Tuesday from lawmakers over her role in the agency’s interrogation program following the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Gina Haspel, 61 years old, is the agency’s current deputy director, and she would become the first woman to serve as CIA director if she wins approval from the Senate.

“She’s an outstanding person who also I have gotten to know very well,” Mr. Trump said of Haspel. The president named her at the same time he picked current CIA director Mike Pompeo to be his new secretary of state, replacing Rex Tillerson.

In a statement Tuesday, Haspel thanked Trump and said if confirmed, she looked forward to “providing President Trump the outstanding intelligence support he has grown to expect during his first year in office.”

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