Italy voting – Lombardy voter 95% in favour or more autonomy

Italy voting – Lombardy voter 95% in favour or more autonomy

This refers to voting in two northern Italian regions run by populist presidents

  • Referendum on greater autonomy from Rome

Latest from Reuters:

  • Voters in Italy's Lombardy region have voted 95% in favour of more autonomy in referendum – Lombardy president, citing early results
  • voters in Italy's Veneto region also vote overwhelmingly in favour of greater autonomy from Rome in referendum – preliminary data

Note that voter turnout has not been not large (At midday turnout in Lombardy was at 10% and around 21% in Veneto… I'll try to find updated numbers… see below for update on turnout)

  • Participation rate must pass 50 per cent in Veneto for a valid result
  • There is no threshold for Lombardy

Lombardy and Veneto voting, background is that both regions are relatively wealthy, and both are controlled by Eurosceptic party the Northern League

Results are not euro positive but at this stage be careful of over reacting. The votes are advisory, not binding. Results could lead to Rome devolving more power on infrastructure, environment, health and education. At this stage euro impact should be very minor.


  • 31% turnout in Lombardy is the latest figure I have (h/t and thanks to @mepammer)

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